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Sommer IDS-20 Isdetekteringssensor

Isdetekteringssensoren IDS-20 brukes til pålitelig og presis måling av ising for vindkraftverk, luftfart, høyspenningsledninger, kabelbaner, antenner, veier, bygninger, og hvor isdannelse utgjør en potensiell risiko. Den kommer i to ulike former, enten en kube eller en pinne.

  • Måling av veldig tynne islag fra 0,01mm til akkumuleringer opp til 80mm
  • Enkle og multi-sensor konfigurasjoner som passer til et bredt spekter av applikasjoner
  • Oppvarmingsfunksjon for kontinuerlig måling


The IDS-20 system is setting the standard for the next generation of ice detection systems. The IDS-20 is the first non-contact ice detection system that can measure from 0,01mm up to 80mm of ice thickness. It is an extremely flexible system which handles many different situations and applications.

The system consists of a central controller and three different sensors. The sensors have different measurement ranges and applications. There are two cube sensors for ice detection and at two different measurement ranges.

The IDS-Cube 1 sensor has a measurement range from 0,01mm to 1mm and is for the recognition of extremely fine ice layers and icing events. The design of the IDS-Cube 5 sensor is for recognition of ice layers and icing events from 0,1 mm up to 5 mm. Additionally, there is a rod sensor which measures the total ice thickness throughout the season or year. The measuring range of the IDS-Rod sensor is from 1mm up to 80mm.

The IDS-system design is made to be used either with one or two IDS-sensors at the same time.

Features and Advantages
  • Continuous and non-contact measurement
  • Detection of icing and freezing rain
  • Distinction between ice and water
  • Ice detection 0,01 mm to 80 mm ice thickness
  • Different sensor versions according to specific applications - cube and rod sensors
  • Very reliable measurement results due to plausibility check
  • Suitable for existing and new systems, easy and quick installation
  • Maintenance-free operation, low power consumption
Parameters Measured
  • Icing
  • Rain
  • Dew point, frost point
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Analysis of quantity and duration of icing events
  • Recognition of freezing rain
Fields of Application

The IDS-20 system is ideal for many different situations and applications such as weather forecast, road forecast, condition monitoring in the wind power sector, cableway, railway, tram and traffic control.

Because the system consists of three different sensors, the system offers a high degree flexibility. Custom configurations can be delivered to further increase the possible use cases for the system.


There are four different versions already available, each designed to work in different applications.

There is a version for the measurement of total ice thickness throughout the entire season or year. This bundle contains a single sensor application with just an IDS-Rod 80 sensor. The target with this installation is monitoring and measuring the total ice thickness. Possible applications are ice monitoring on constructions, masts, towers, antennas, landlines and power lines.

The second single-sensor application is the IDS-20 system with the IDS-Cube 5 sensor. This bundle is designed to measure thin ice layers and icing events between 0,1mm up to 5mm of ice thickness. Here the target is to measure the icing events and the thin ice layers. With the internal software control and adjustment possibilities, it is easy to set the sensor to exactly the range you interested in measuring. The internal heating system helps to deice the sensor as soon as a customer-defined threshold is reached. Possible applications include ice monitoring in the wind power industry.

The first multi-sensor setup is the combination of both of the above sensors. In this bundle, we combine the total ice thickness measurement IDS-Rod 80 and the icing measurement of the IDS-Cube 5 into one system. The combined technologies and advantages of these two sensors allows for measurement of both the thin ice layers and icing events as well as the seasonal accumulation.

The second multi-sensor setup is for applications where the ice detection of extremely thin layers of ice is important. In this bundle, the IDS-System uses two of IDS-Cube 1 sensors to measure and recognize ice layers starting at 0,01mm. For continuous data and uninterrupted time series of data, the IDS-Cube 1 sensors operate in an alternating mode. That means when one sensor is in a heating and deicing cycle, the second one is actively taking measurements. In applications where uninterrupted time series of data is a requirement, this bundle is the solution. Possible applications include ice monitoring in aviation.

  • Measurement principle: Complex impedance measurement
  • Temperature measurement range: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F), resolution 0,1°C
  • Humidity measurement range: 0% to 100%, resolution 0,5%
  • Frost point measurement range: -20°C to +20°C, resolution 0,1°C
  • Dew point measurement range: -20°C to +20°C, resolution 0,1°C
  • Digital interface: RS-485 various ASCII formats or MODBUS, SDI-12
  • Relay interface: Three relay-outputs (rain, ice, hart-beat)
  • Power supply: 10 to 28VDC
  • Power consumption: Max. 50 mA at 12 VDC
  • Power supply heating: 24VAC/VDC
  • Power consumption heating: Max. 7A at 24VAC/DC
  • Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
  • Protection class IP-66
  • Mounting bracket: For 61 mm (2 inch) mast diameter

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