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ecoTech redokselektrode for jord

ecoTech elektroden for redoksforhold gir langsiktig, in-situ måling av jordens redokspotensial i laboratorie- og feltapplikasjoner.

  • Liten, robust, og lite vedlikeholdskrav over flere års bruk
  • Fungerer sammen med en separat Ag/AgCl referanselektrode
  • Tilgjengelig tilkoblingsmodul med enkel SDI-12-utgang fra pH- og redokselektroder


The ecoTech redox electrode provides permanent in-situ measurement of the soil redox potential (EH)in laboratory and field applications. It is frost-resistant, durable and low maintenance. Data logging options include the ecoTech enviLog, or a connection module with standard SDI-12 output. Redox sensors are commonly used together with ecoTech pH electrodes.

Principles of operation

This execution of a redox electrode was developed by Prof. Dr. Mansfeldt, University of Cologne, and was optimized by ecoTech in cooperation with the Bavarian Environmental Protection Agency. It was designed for continuous operation in soils even under water-saturated conditions. Due to its small dimensions, it is appropriate for the laboratory use as well (in soil columns or pot experiments).

The redox potential of a soil may alter very strongly on the millimeter scale, and very small soil regions that are in contact with the platinum rod can dominate the measuring value of the electrode. Therefore, redox potentials should be measured with small, normalized platinum surfaces. For that reason, ecoTech’s new redox electrode has got a platinum rod with a diameter of only 1 mm and a length of only 5 mm. As reference electrode, an Ag/AgCl-electrode is used, which makes electrical contact with the Pt electrode by means of a salt bridge. Measurements can be made either with high-class voltmeters or with suitable data loggers (high input resistance is needed).


  • Special design for permanent installation in soils
  • Laboratory and field application
  • Small dimensions
  • Low maintenance
  • Normalized platinum surface for improved reproducibility
  • Specially designed connection module for data logging
  • Combination with pH electrodes in the same circuit possible

  • Signal: mV
  • Materials:
    • Carbon fiber shaft
    • Platinum measurement rod, 99,95% Pt, hard drawn out
  • Dimensions:
    • 6 mm shaft diameter
    • 1 mm platinum rod diamter
    • 5 mm platinum rod length
  • Cable Length: 2m, others as desired

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