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Solinst Modell 407 Blærepumper

Solinst Modell 407 rustfri blærepumpe benyttes for konsistente høykvalitetsprøver i alle situasjoner uten kontakt mellom luft / vann under prøvetakingen.

  • Kan leveres med 1-tommes eller 1,66-tommers diameter og robuste PTFE eller enklere polyetylen blærer
  • Pålitelig selv i forurensede farvann på dybder opp til 150 m (500 fot)
  • Kan brukes sammen med Solinst Modell 464 pumpestyring, kompressor, slange, filtre og pakninger i et komplett system


The Solinst Bladder Pump allows consistent, high quality samples in all types of applications. It offers excellent performance and reliability. With Solinst Bladder Pumps there is the assurance that there is no air/water contact during sampling. It meets the most rigorous US EPA standards for VOC groundwater monitoring.

The bladder ensures that drive air or gas does not contact the sample, thus avoiding degassing or contamination of the sample. Solinst Bladder Pumps are rugged and long lasting. PTFE bladders are ideal for dedication, while less expensive polyethylene bladders are available for those that prefer to change bladders after each use. Bladders and intake filters are easily replaced in the field in just a few minutes. No special tools required.

Excellent for either regular flow or low flow sampling, the stainless steel pumps can lift from depths up to 500 ft (150 m) below grade.

  • Stainless Steel: 1.66" Ø (42 mm) and 1" Ø (25 mm) with 316 stainless steel body
  • Non-Vertical Applications: Pumps operate effectively at almost any angle and can be placed under landfills, tailings, storage tanks or contaminant plumes.
  • Leachate/Product Pumping: Pneumatic drive pumps are well suited for pumping contaminant liquids. Strong solvents and corrosive chemicals can be easily and economically pumped.
  • Survives Dry Pumping, Dirty Air and Sand: Solinst bladders are not damaged by operation in sediment laden water, or in dry pumping conditions.
  • Freeze Protection Kit: Optional accessory available to prevent freezing in the sample line.
  • High Quality Samples: Consistently accurate samples with excellent VOC sample integrity.
  • Simplicity: The controller, air compressor and flow-through cell can be easily transported by one person to any site. Hookup to the pump is by compression fittings.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced need for repeat sampling and shorter time required for each sampling round. Low purge volumes ensure rapid sampling.
  • Bladders: Durable PTFE bladders are ideal for dedication. Inexpensive polyethylene is also available.
Dedicated Systems

For long term monitoring it is always best to dedicate bladder pumps. This avoids cross-contamination and saves time without the need to decontaminate between sampling events. There is the assurance of no air/water contact during sampling, and the confidence that no cross-contamination will occur from the use of portable equipment.

Solinst well caps are designed for ease of use. The vented caps have a quick-connect attachment for the controller unit/air supply. Fittings are provided for both 1/4" OD (6 mm) and 3/8" OD (9 mm) tubing. Each cap comes with a 3 ft (0.9 m) length of discharge line, which is easily replaced, as required.

For water level monitoring there is an access hole to fit a Solinst Solinst Model 101 Water Level Meter or Levelogger . An eyebolt is provided for a pump support cable or for suspension of a Solinst Levelogger (see Model 3001 Data Sheet) or other device.

  • Number of installations
  • Portable use or dedicated installation
  • Pump size (1-inch or 1.66-inch)
  • Well cap size (2-inch or 4-inch for dedicated systems)
  • Tubing type (bonded natural LDPE or bonded FEP-lined LDPE)
  • Tubing length
  • Spare bladders, packers, other accessories desired

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