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Solinst Modell 428 BioBailer

Solinst Modell 428 BioBailer er et kostnadseffektivt, biologisk nedbrytbart øsekar laget av klar PVC som leveres i 38 mm eller 19 mm diameter.

  • Brytes ned når den kastes på en søppelfylling
  • Solid håndtak, stiv casing og konisk topp og bunn gir god brukervennlighet
  • Den gjennomsiktige kroppen tillater visuell kontroll av øsekarets innhold


The Model 428 BioBailer™ is a low cost, biodegradable bailer made of clear PVC. The high quality design features a rigid body that will not bend. The top and bottom of the bailer are both tapered to prevent hang-ups in the well. The top has a sturdy handle for a suspension cord.

The BioBailer uses a denser PVC construction, eliminating the need for weights in most applications. The transparent body allows the sample to be checked visually for water or product.

The BioBailer, its sample release device, and all packaging are biodegradable.

  • 1.5" x 3 ft (38 mm x 91,5 cm) body to hold more than one liter of sample (1025 mL)
  • 3/4" x 3 ft (19 mm x 91,5 cm) body to hold 200 mL

  • Biodegrades when discarded in a landfill
  • Tapered top and bottom prevent hang-ups
  • Sturdy handle with generous opening for bailer cord
  • Rigid body, for easy handling
  • Comes with biodegradable sample release device
  • Transparent body allows visual check of bailer contents

High Quality Design

The BioBailer is made of PVC with an additive that encourages microorganisms to break down the material when it is discarded in a landfill. The material will not break down unless it is exposed to these high microbial conditions.

BioBailers™ have been tested for non-leaching using the SPLP EPA 1312 extraction process followed by analysis using EPA 8260 for volatiles and EPA 8270 for semivolatiles. This is a long duration test of 18 hours, which greatly exceeds the expected use time of a disposable bailer.

  • Size (38 mm x 91,5 cm for 1025 mL samples, or 19 mm x 91,5 cm for 200 mL samples)
  • Kvantitet
  • Optional suspension line (Solinst Model 103 Tag Line or Kevlar rope recommended)

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