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Senceive Nano Triaksial Tilt Sensornode

Sencive Nano Triaksial Tilt Sensornode er en triaksial trådløs tilt-sensor med et kompakt design. Sensoren gir pålitelige målinger i de krevende forholdene forbundet med bygg- og anleggsbransjen. Sensornodene kommuniser via Senceives eget trådløst nettverk, FlatMesh.

  • Enkel å installere med mange festemuligheter - lim, skruer eller magneter
  • Lang batterilevetid - 1 år for Nano / 5 år for Nano+
  • Kompakt design og fullstendig trådløs for installasjoner i krevende situasjoner


The Nano tilt monitor range has its own unique miniature form and is built to deliver precise, reliable tilt monitoring in demanding rail and construction applications. This easy to deploy tilt monitor node has no external aerial and a durable shell (IP68 rated) that can withstand the most challenging environments. The Nano’s discreet form and wide range of simple fixings allow for extremely quick installation of Senceive’s unrivalled tilt monitoring system to any surface using glue, screw or magnetic mounting. Its innovative design allows the Nano tilt monitor to be installed in any orientation making it ideal for ideal for monitoring tunnels, bridges, buildings and retaining walls.

With reporting possible even down to every 2 seconds, the Nano has a resolution of 0.0001° (0.0018mm/m), and repeatability of ±0.0005° (±0.009mm/m). The Nano tilt monitoring system offers unrivalled specifications and a battery life of up to five years make it the true future of wireless tilt sensing.

The Nano range uses the same core platform as our other tilt sensors so it can deliver a similar level of performance and reliability, all in a much smaller and more robust enclosure.

  • High performance and sophisticated platform in discreet package
  • Triaxial tilt monitor sensor
  • No external aerial and a durable shell (IP68 rated)
  • 0.0001° (0.0018mm/m) resolution in 3 axes
  • Highly stable and repeatable data (±0.0005° / ±0.009mm/m)
  • Enhanced noise reduction algorithms
  • Engineered for rail and construction applications
  • Deploy up to 100 sensors in one network
  • Industrial levels of data reliability/throughput – 99.9%
  • Wide range of fixings allow for quick installation to any surface
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • 1 year battery life for the Nano and 5 years battery life for the Nano+
  • Range of up to 100 m
  • Totally wire- and mains power-free solar powered GSM data backhaul option
  • Robust data backhaul solutions for any under/over ground environment
  • Ability to interface with third party monitoring systems
  • Event triggering/ intelligent data processing at node level
  • Remotely adjustable sub 1-minute reporting rates
  • Custom alerts and triggers
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • Gateway back-up and auto switchover

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