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Senceive offers the world’s most reliable and robust wireless Remote Condition Monitoring solutions for geotechnical and structural monitoring applications in the rail, construction, mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

The platform consists of two main data collection system types, FlatMesh and GeoWAN:

FlatMesh™ GeoWAN™
Unrivalled, 3rd generation intelligent flexible mesh network monitoring platform/architecture Newly launched long-range point to point wireless platform, which can “see through” buildings
Up to 300m range, in optimum conditions Up to 15km range, in optimum conditions and typically 1-2km in busier urban environments
Battery life of up to 15 years Battery life of up to 15 years
  • Best for dense wireless sensor node deployments
  • Faster and adjustable sampling/reporting rates down to 1 or 2 seconds
  • Adjustable reporting rate down to 30 secs to 1 min
  • Faster reporting rates will impact number of node in network and throughput
Fully remotely configurable Remotely configurable, but more limited bandwidth available
  • Intelligent and triggered sampling rates based on real movement of sensors and minimises human intervention
  • Functions as Intelligent Earthworks Solution with multiple tilt and other geotechnical sensors with triggered solar 3G cameras (FlatMesh™ only)
No triggered sensing from other nodes in the network
Solar powered 3G gateways avoid mains power and easier in more remote locations or where difficult/costly to run cabling. Backup gateways possible Mains powered gateways only. Backup gateways possible
Interfaces with existing full range of geotechnical and structural sensors Interfaces with existing full range of geotechnical and structural sensors
Main Applications:


  • Large scale Tunnels
  • Rail Trackbed monitoring
  • Bridges, Walls, Piles, Structures and many more
  • Geotechnical earthworks and soil water content measurement
Main Applications:


  • Congested urban environments including busy Construction sites
  • Basements, inside walls of building and sub-surfaces
  • Mining and Quarries
  • Locations with small deployments and/or widely separated
  • Those where mains power possible
NB* Shorter aerials also allow additional protective covers for tough environments (e.g. trackbed)

In both systems, a variety of available sensor nodes types can be configured to take measurements and relay data through a central gateway. Node types include the following:


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Details Specifications Documents The Nano tilt monitor range has its own unique miniature form and is built to deliver precise, reliable tilt monitoring in demanding rail and construction applications. This easy to deploy tilt monitor node has no external aerial and a durable shell (IP68 rated) that can withstand the most challenging environments. The Nano’s discreet form and wide range...

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DetaljerSpesifikasjonerDokumenter The Triaxial Tilt Monitoring Sensor Node is an extremely high precision and exceptionally stable three axis wireless tilt monitoring sensor. Variable reporting rates, a robust design and up to a 15 year battery life means that Senceive tilt sensors are well suited for all environments. The wireless tilt monitor sensor nodes communicate reading through one of Senceive’s wireless communications...