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Geosense Grunnvanns-peiler

Geosense vannstand- og temperaturmåler brukes for å måle vannstanden og temperatur inne i et borehull, piezometer-rør eller sump.

  • Tilgjengelig i lengder opp til 300m, med eller uten temperaturmåling
  • Montert på robust og lett trommel for enkel betjening og oppbevaring
  • Utløser alarm og rødt lys når proben kommer i kontakt med vann


The Geosense® Water Level Meter (Dipmeter) is used to determine the water level within a borehole, piezometer pipe or sump. The Water Level and Temperature Meter also takes temperature measurements.

The meters consist of a stainless steel shrouded probe with a specially designed conductive probe to minimise displacement errors, providing unparalleled accuracy particularly in small bore piezometers.

As the probe is lowered into the water, a single audible buzz is heard and a red light shows.

On temperature models, the temperature is shown in degrees Celsius on an LCD digital display mounted on the side of the reel.

Tapes come mounted on a rugged lightweight drum with integral brake and probe holder for easy operation and storage and has all the same features as the standard water level meter.

  • Probe diameter: 14 mm
  • Probe length: 150 mm
  • Probe material: Austenitic stainless steel
  • Tape type: Steel mm markings
  • Tape width: 11,5 mm
  • Tape coating: Polyethylene
  • Tape lengths: 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 meters (special lengths available on request)
  • Reel type: Polypropylene
  • Reel diameter: 230 mm
  • Audible indicator: 88 dB(A) buzzer
  • Visual indicator: Red LED
  • Temperature display*: LCD
  • Temperature range*: -20 to +80°C
  • Sample rate*: 3 samples per second
  • Accuracy*: ±2 count
  • Power: 9 volt PP3 battery
*Only on temperature models

Geosense Water Level meters are available in various lengths and with or without the temperature option. Provide the following information for the application:

  • Desired length
  • Preference of with or without temperature

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