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Geosense VWLC-5000 Lastcelle

Geosense VWLC-5000 anker-lastcelle består av en stålsylinder med 3 eller 6 svingende streng (vibrating wire) deformasjonsmålere (avhengig av kapasiteten). Disse er montert parallelt med lengdeaksen og anordnet i samme avstand rundt omkretsen for å måle kompresjonen av sylinderen under økende belastning.

  • Svært kraftig stålkonstruksjonen gir gode langtidsytelser
  • Måler eksentriske belastninger med mulighet for bruk av lastfordelingsplater
  • Tilkoblingsmuligheter med kontakt og kabel


Geosense VWLC-5000 series Vibrating Wire Anchor Load Cells consist of a cylinder of high strength steel with 3 to 6 vibrating wire strain sensors (depending on capacity) mounted parallel to the longitudinal axis arranged equidistant around the circumference which measure the compression of the cylinder under load. They are manufactured with a centre hole to accommodate anchors, rock bolts and tendons.

With the multi sensor configuration it is possible to obtain accurate readings under mildly eccentric loading conditions as the sensors are read individually. The readings from the individual sensors are averaged and, when used in conjunction with a calibration factor supplied with each cell, allow the applied load to be calculated. In multi strand anchors it is therefore possible to tension the strands uniformly by monitoring the load in each sensor as appropriate.

The abutment plate (provided locally) is normally made to suit specific site requirements and load distribution plate pairs (supplied by Geosense) should be used to minimise eccentric loading and provide a smooth parallel bearing surface and evenly spread the load to the cell. These should be inserted between the load cell and the anchor head.

  • Range: 250 to 5000 kN
  • Internal diameters: 60, 80, 108, 142, 174, 197, 222, 227, 264, 271, 284, 301 mm
  • Accuracy: 0,5% FS
  • Resolution: 0,05% FS
  • Output: 1200-2800 Hz
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 80°C

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