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Control By Web WebRelay-Quad 4-Relémodul

WebRelay-Quad er den raskeste, enkleste, billigste, og mest pålitelige måten å fjernstyre utstyr over et IP-nettverk (inkludert internettet).

  • Inneholder (4) 3A, 28VAC/24VDC reléer
  • Hvert relé kan slås på, av, eller pulseres eksternt ved hjelp av en innebygd web-kontroll, eller ved å kjøre egendefinerte skripter
  • Støtter protokoller inkludert HTTP, XML, Modbus


For many applications, WebRelay-Quad™ is the fastest, easiest, least expensive, and most reliable way to remotely control equipment over an IP network (including the Internet)!

WebRelay-Quad™ is used by many different companies for hundreds of applications including industrial control, security, remote control, remote reset, and many other applications that require remote relay control. It has four low-signal relays that can individually switch up to 3 Amp at 28V. Each relay can be turned on, off, or pulsed remotely using the built-in web pages or by running custom scripts from a computer or dedicated controller. It is extremely versatile and can be made to fit almost any remote relay control application.

The WebRelay-Quad is fully configured in minutes using a web browser. No additional software is needed.

  • Control devices such as:
    • Pumps
    • Valves
    • Motors
    • Coils
  • Turn lights on/off while using IP video cameras
  • Remotely control security gates
  • Control electronic door locks and garage door openers
  • Built-in web server for setup and remote relay control from a web-browser
  • No special software or device drivers required
  • XML status and control page makes communications with custom software interfaces simple
  • Can operate as a Modbus/TCP slave device
  • Four independent, 28VAC, 24VDC, 3A relays SPDT (Form 1C)
  • ON/OFF or Pulse relay modes
  • Rugged, compact enclosure can be DIN-Rail or Wall mounted
  • Includes a 2-piece (14-pin) industrial terminal connector that makes connections convenient
  • Power supply options:
    • 9-28VDC
    • POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5%

  • Power requirements:
    • Voltage: 9-28 VDC (X-WR-4R3-I); POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5% (X- WR-4R3-E)
    • Max current: 320 mA (X-WR-4R3-I); 477 mA (X-WR-4R3-E)
  • Relay contacts:
    • Number of relays: 4
    • Max voltage: 28 VAC, 24 VDC
    • Max current: 3A
    • Contact type: SPDT (Form 1C)
    • Load type: General purpose
    • Contact resistance: < 50 milliohms initial
    • Contact material: AgSnO2
    • Electrical life: 100K cycles (typ)
    • Mechanical life: 10M cycles (typ)
    • Environmental rating: Over voltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
    • Relay modes: ON/OFF or pulsed
    • Pulse timer duration: 0.1 to 86,400 Seconds (1-day)
  • Network:
    • Type: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
    • Setup: Static IP address assignment. TCP port selectable
  • Connectors:
    • Power & relays 1-4: 14-Position, 3.81 mm, Removable
    • Network: 8-pin RJ-45
  • LED indicators:
    • Number of LEDs: 7 (Power on, relay coil energized 1-4, network linked, network activity)
  • Physical:
    • Operating temperature: -40°C to +65.5°C (-40°F to +150°F)
    • Size: 35.7 mm wide x 98.5 mm tall x 78 mm deep (1.41 x 3.88 x 3.1 in)
    • Weight: 142 grams (5 oz)
    • Enclosure material: Lexan 940 Polycarbonate Plastic
    • Enclosure flame rating: UL94 V0
  • Protocols: HTTP, XML, Modbus
  • Password settings:
    • Password protection on setup page: Yes
    • Password protection on control page: Optional
    • Password encoding: Base 64
    • Max password length: 10 characters

  • Model
    • X-WR-4R3-I: 9-28 VDC power supply, (4) 3A 28VAC/24VDC SPDT outputs
    • X-WR-4R3-E: POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5% power supply, (4) 3A 28VAC/24VDC SPDT outputs
  • Accessories (power supplies, cables)

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